ServSafe Alcohol Training

Establishments that serve alcohol face issues that involve their employees, customers, community and business. Although it isn’t required in most states, a ServSafe Alcohol Vendor Program provides training that can reduce the risks inherent in the service of alcohol and benefits all concerned.

TSC Associates provides ServSafe Alcohol Vendor training for your front of the house staff and management that is practical, comprehensive and knowledge based. We address the issues they need to know to serve alcohol responsibly. Lessons are reinforced with guides, charts, exercises and real world examples to make concepts much more memorable.

Employees are trained in the critical areas of:

  • The Effects of Alcohol on the Body – including how alcohol is absorbed into the body, recognizing intoxication and methods of preventing intoxication.
  • Alcohol Law and Your Responsibility – including individual state law regarding both criminal and civil liability.
  • Checking Identification – including what qualifies as a legal ID, characteristics of a legal ID and proper verification of a legal ID.
  • Discontinuing Service and Handling Difficult Situations – knowing what to do when a guest does become intoxicated and how to handle potentially violent situations.

Requirements and benefits of being part of a state’s ServSafe Alcohol Vendor Program will vary.

The state of Alabama’s ABC Board has approved TSC Associates ServSafe Alcohol Safety Program for training establishments for on-premise ServSafe Alcohol Vendor Program qualification.

In the states of Florida and Georgia the ServSafe Alcohol program is used along with supplements from each state to insure all local laws and requirements are met.

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