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You’ve created the perfect atmosphere in your restaurant.

The aroma of spices and sizzling fare wafts through the air accompanied by a curated playlist as guests are welcomed and seated in a dimly lit alcove to enjoy the company of friends over a glass of vino. But the restaurant and foodservice industries are full of competition. It’s not enough to have the best location, delectable food, and an amazing ambiance if nobody knows about you.

Enter Sudio98!

We extend your superb atmosphere to the online world, giving guests a taste of your restaurant before they ever set foot in it. For the past 14 years, we’ve helped restaurants and foodservice companies generate more business. By highlighting your location, character, flavors, and service, we help you reach your potential customers and get their mouths watering, igniting excitement and attracting diners to you and your cuisine. That’s the power of online marketing and a good web presence.


We work with you to develop a custom marketing strategy, bringing solutions for your specific needs. For most restaurants and catering companies, local is the name of the game. IT ALL STARTS WITH A CUSTOM WEBSITE DESIGN. Then, whether you need help with a local SEO campaign, or any other marketing or promotional activity, we have specialists that can help boom your company.

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Whether you need a custom website designed from scratch, or a simple website refresh, we can help ensure it’s built using proven techniques that increase your market awareness and get you more customers.


Every website needs a home. We offer fast and secure hosting, as well as friendly and skilled support services so you don’t have to learn the technical mumbo jumbo to make adjustments to your site, such as menus, hours, graphics, etc. We go above and beyond the usual TECH support and offer ongoing creative support, not only for your site but for your marketing as a whole. With us you get a team of people who are in your corner – truly backing you up and taking the actions to get you results.


Platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram offer opportunities to advertise to your precise target market. Our consultants have the expertise to help get your advertising campaigns set up to drive in more hungry diners – FAST!



Appearing at the top of a Google search can be the difference between getting a new customer or not. Whether you’re a local food service company or a national chain restaurant, our Search Engine Optimization service helps boost you to the top of your target search categories.


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