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3 Things You Will Learn in Your Servsafe Alcohol Training

Most people associate ServSafe training with food servers and kitchen help, but ServSafe also offers ServSafe Alcohol Training. Humans have been making alcohol by fermenting grain and plants for 7,000 years. Alcohol consumption is thoroughly ingrained in society, which isn’t bad but does require certain precautions. ServSafe Alcohol Training ensures alcohol service is safe for customers and business owners. Here are three things you’ll learn in ServSafe Alcohol Training.

1. Rules and Regulations

Many rules apply to both alcohol consumption and serving. The alcohol-specific rules outline the responsibilities of businesses that serve alcohol to patrons. Each state has different laws, but the federal legal drinking age is 21. Serving underage people can result in serious consequences. Every staff member working in the front of the house must understand the rules, regulations, and responsibilities of serving alcohol. The ServSafe Alcohol Training ensures that staff members are familiar with these. knowledgeable of the rules and regulations set forth by governing authorities in order to keep customers, and even servers, safe.

2. Evaluating Intoxication

Serving alcohol is a big responsibility. To ensure they don’t overserve anyone, patrons are not overserved, servers and bartenders must know how to evaluate how intoxicated a person is. Overserving can come with a wide range of consequences, some of which leaves open your business to liability. Dram Shop laws make the business owner responsible for overserving a patron. If an overserved patron leaves your establishment intoxicated and has a car accident or other incident, your business could be held liable.

3. How To Handle Difficult Situations

The consumption of alcohol is often a precursor to rowdy behaviors. Through ServSafe Alcohol Training, staff members will learn how to manage difficult situations involving customers consuming alcohol. Staff will learn learns how to de-escalate situations to protect the patrons and the business. Learning how to handle someone that’s intoxicated and causing disruption and doing it discreetly is important to the success of your business.

ServSafe Alcohol Training provides invaluable information that bartenders, servers, bouncers, and other staff members can utilize to provide top-notch service while protecting the business. Serving alcohol at your establishment comes with certain risk factors, and those risk factors increase when staff members aren’t trained appropriately. Contact us about ServSafe Alcohol Training today to ensure your staff has the tools needed to deliver the best in service.

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