Understanding Dram Shop Laws

Understanding Dram Shop Laws

alcohol law and your responsibility

Dram shop laws require you to be vigilant over the alcohol consumption of your customers. If you serve an intoxicated person and they subsequently harm somebody else, you can be held liable under the dram shop laws of your state. If you are serving, you need to know the local alcohol law and your responsibility to keep people safe. ServSafe training and certification make sure that you know your responsibility to these important public safety laws.

What To Know

What is your responsibility? According to Alcohol.org, when a customer takes legal action over receiving injuries after being over-served at an establishment, that’s a first-party case for an over-serving law. You need to know how to see the signs of an intoxicated or inebriated customer before he shakes hands with danger.

Know the Dram Shop Laws in Your State

Getting involved with the alcohol law and your responsibility to keep your patrons safe is what we teach with the ServSafe Alcohol training. In addition to the mechanics of keeping your patrons’ consumption under control – while looking like you’re being nothing but a gracious host – your ServSafe training will teach you why you need to be on the lookout. If you are unable to properly follow the law, the legal consequences could be catastrophic, up to forcing your doors to close for good.

Your Dram Shop Liabilities

Your liability to a customer ends when they walk out your front doors, right? Wrong! According to alcohol law and your responsibility to handle it properly, your customers are your responsibility until they stop being drunk. So you have a situation where you can be held liable under dram shop laws for actions that happen hours after the person liable leaves your location. While this might seem unfair, it’s what the law specifies. ServSafe certification will give you the tools and confidence to make sure that your customers are safe for themselves and others when they leave your location and hit the road.

Dram Shop Liability and DUI

Establishments get more of a break when it comes to DUI. While DUI is one of the most serious crimes that you can have on the road, it can be hard to predict from a server’s point of view. Establishments are only responsible for DUI if the driver was visibly intoxicated before leaving, or underage.

Your ServSafe training and certification will help you recognize the signs of intoxication and your responsibilities under the law. Contact ServSafe today to start your certification process.

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