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3 Benefits of Receiving a Servsafe Certification

One of the easiest ways to improve customer satisfaction in the food industry is to improve food safety. According to the World Health Organization, there are over 200 diseases that can be spread by food. Servsafe certification can help to improve food safety and improve customer satisfaction. Servsafe certification comes with three unique benefits for your business.

1. Improves Trust In Your Business

Servsafe certification can improve customers’ perception of your business. It can also improve trust in your business and enhance credibility. When customers see that your business takes food safety seriously, it sends the right signal. It can make your business stand out from the rest, because not every establishment takes the time to get certified.

If you are trying to increase your customer base, certification in Servsafe is an easy way to increase interest in your business. This credential shows customers that your business is committed to safe food handling.

2. Reduces Liability and Fines

Foodborne illnesses that are spread through your establishment can result in litigation. Safe food handling is essential to reducing the risk of liability. Any staff member in your organization that takes the Servsafe certification course will learn how to safely handle food.

The National Restaurant Association began the Servsafe credential program in 1998. It is now the leading food safety certification program in the United States. It helps food industry establishments to reduce risks across the board, including avoiding health department fines for improper handling.

3. It Helps Save Money

Servsafe certification can help your business to save money. Your insurance company may offer discounts for this certification. You will be able to reduce waste after your staff completes the course. It is estimated that millions of dollars in losses in the food industry are caused by improper storage of food and improper handling of food. These courses and ultimately the certification is an investment in your business that delivers a high ROI.

Providing continuing training for your staff will help improve your business. Staff that receives the Servsafe training take their job more seriously and their commitment to food safety more seriously. Servsafe courses are available for your entire staff, from food handlers to managers. Learn more about the courses and the benefits that will grow your business.

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