How a ServSafe Certification Can Help Your Food-Based Business

How a ServSafe Certification Can Help Your Food-Based Business

As the world begins its return to normalcy after the COVID-19 pandemic, the widespread return to in-person dining is happening. Even once the major threat of coronavirus is not as present, the threat of disease spreading through food won’t disappear. In fact, the World Health Organization says that there are over 200 diseases that can be spread through food. To avoid this spread, you should ensure that your business has the proper training from ServSafe.

What Is ServSafe Training?

ServSafe training is a form of training that helps ensure businesses serving food and alcohol are following proper procedures to keep their employees and customers safe. In-person dining is something that many people missed out on during the pandemic. Ensuring that you and your employees are properly trained in safely serving your customers means that you can feel more comfortable knowing that you’re keeping everyone safe. When you invest in ServSafe training, you’re protecting everyone who walks through the doors of your establishment.

What Kind of Training Is Right For You?

ServSafe offers multiple options when it comes to certifications. For example, if your restaurant serves alcohol, you might need ServSafe Alcohol Training, but if you only serve food, you may just need the ServSafe Food Handlers Training or Food Manager Certification Training. Contact TSC Associates to discuss what trainings and certifications you may need.

Keeping Your Customers Safe

As the world reopens, the number one priority for many customer service-centered industries is ensuring that your customers feel safe visiting your business. This may mean ensuring that you have adequate spacing between tables, operating at a limited capacity, or ensuring that your employees know the proper way to handle food. A ServSafe certification can be extremely helpful in making sure that both your employees and customers feel safe.

If you’re interested in finding out more about ServSafe, contact TSC Associates today. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about ServSafe training, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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