How to Clean and Sanitize Using a Three-Compartment Sink

How to Clean and Sanitize Using a Three-Compartment Sink

It is a major task to follow food safety protocols when working in the foodservice industry. Food quality is key when preparing food in a restaurant, or any other area of the foodservice field. One important aspect is keeping your restaurant kitchen clean in order to prevent food contamination.

Healthy maintenance of a three-compartment sink is imperative to prevent food contamination. The WHO cites that more than 200 different diseases are spread through food. The CDC says washing your hands and surfaces is the first step in food safety. Some of the other steps are separating foods, cooking at the right temperature, and refrigerating food after cooking.

Three-Compartment Sink Usage

Let’s focus on one step of food safety by keeping surfaces clean. Using a three-compartment sink the right way reduces the risk of food poisoning. Here are three key elements for proper usage of the sink:


After scraping off all the food in the garbage, use the first section of the sink to wash the dishes and utensils with warm soapy water. The detergent solution should be at least 110°F (43°C). Replace the water when the suds are gone or the water is dirty.


In the second section, rinse or dip all the dishes in clean water. Washing and rinsing the dishes must be done before using any sanitizing solution. Food particles and soap prevent the sanitizing solution from working.


The third section is for soaking the dishes in a sanitizing solution or hot water. Check the time and temperature requirements for the sanitizer you are using. If using only hot water to sanitize, the temperature of the water should be 171°F (24°C) or higher. Air-dry the dishes once they have been soaked in the solution.

Use these steps to reduce food contamination and poisoning. These simple steps can make a difference in the health and well-being of your customers and business.

Safety First

While keeping the sinks clean is one step, but it’s best to gain knowledge about food service overall it’s crucial to know and implement all aspects of food safety. ServSafe courses, developed by the National Restaurant Association, is leading training in the food service industry. Contact TSC Associates today to find out which ServSafe certification course best fits your needs.

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