How to Get Started with ServSafe Alcohol Vendor Training

How to Get Started with ServSafe Alcohol Vendor Training

From celebratory events to causal social outings, alcohol frequently features in the average American’s relaxation plan. In the United States alone, the alcohol beverage industry generates approximately $70 billion in annual tax, creating over four million jobs. While the culinary and cultural facets of these drinks are overemphasized, one aspect is often ignored: safety.

Establishments that serve alcohol within their premises need to guarantee their patrons’ safety and that of their employees. ServSafe Alcohol Vendor training teaches on the laws and responsibilities involved in working in a hotel, bar, or convenience store where alcohol is sold or consumed. You can receive ServSafe certification upon the completion of the ServSafe Alcohol Vendor training.

ServSafe Alcohol Vendor Training Program

ServSafe Alcohol training is a comprehensive program by the National Restaurant Association targeted at managerial and non-administrative staff in establishments that serve alcohol. TSC Associates — a registered ServSafe Proctor and Certified ServSafe Instructor — teaches the basics of serving alcohol, including, but not limited to:

  • Verifying identification
  • Spotting fake IDs
  • Identifying intoxicated patrons
  • How to deny alcohol to intoxicated persons
  • Procedures to diffuse troubled or tensed situations
  • Understanding laws and responsibilities surrounding the provision of alcohol

Here’s how to get started with ServSafe alcohol vendor training

1. Know Your Local State Regulatory Requirements

Regulatory requirements for staff working in premises that serve alcohol vary from one state to the next. Several states require supplemental information aside from the basic alcohol training program. In some cases, a state-specific quiz can be administered. You may contact TSC Associates to further understand the requirements within your jurisdiction.

2. Purchase the Online ServSafe Alcohol Vendor Course and Exam

The next step would be to purchase the ServSafe Alcohol training program and register for your exams. You may need to find a registered ServSafe Proctor and Certified ServSafe Instructor to guide you through the process. ServSafe recommends scheduling the exam before starting the course. Knowing the exam date can help your staff plan their learning schedule with the instructors.

Moreover, an ideal training schedule should comprise a one-hour session. The ServSafe Alcohol Vendor Training program is approximately four hours in length. Consult your certified ServSafe Instructor such as TSC Associates to guide you on the lessons and how to tackle the examination.

3. Sit for the Online Exam

After the online or in-person training, your staff can sit for the certification exam. A registered ServSafe exam proctor needs to be physically present to administer the exam. You may need to print your scores by section and Record of Training after completing the course. The proctor administering the examination may request that you submit one or both of these documents.

Additional Tips to Maximize Your Learning Experience

If handling an online ServSafe alcohol training program, find a quiet place away from any noise or distractions to help you focus more on learning. Printing the course study guides can help you take notes to review before the exam. Completing the course at least two days prior to your scheduled exam provides you with ample time to study and review.

The ServSafe Alcohol Vendor training program can help you remain compliant with local state laws and regulations governing establishments that serve alcohol. If you’re interested in learning more about the ServSafe alcohol training, reach out to TSC Associates today.

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