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5 Keys to Effectively Cleaning Your Restaurant

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Having a restaurant that’s clean, safe, and hygienic for your customers to enjoy is a must. An unclean restaurant can lead to poor customer service, an increased risk of foodborne illnesses, and even damage your reputation in the restaurant industry. That’s why it’s essential to have a plan in place for effective cleaning in your restaurant.

1. Establish a Cleaning Routine

It’s important to establish regular and thorough cleaning routines in your restaurant. This should include daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that all staff members should be aware of and follow. To ensure the highest standards of cleanliness are maintained, you may want to consider designating a specific staff member to oversee the cleaning routine.

2. Pay Attention to High Touch Areas

You should pay extra attention to areas in your restaurant that are touched frequently, like door handles and menus. According to Readers Digest, restaurant industry menus have an average of 185,000 different bacteria on them. Help customers by keeping these items clean. Ensure all staff members are aware of the importance of cleaning high-touch areas frequently and have the right supplies on hand at all times.

3. Keep Floors Clean

Flooring is another area in your restaurant that needs regular cleaning. Workers can easily track dirt and debris into the kitchen area, so clean them daily using the right supplies. Deep-clean your flooring regularly, as it’ll help to keep your restaurant looking its best.

4. Change Equipment As Needed

Mopping with a dirty mop or using the same cleaning cloths can spread bacteria rather than remove it. That’s why you should keep the kitchen and cleaning equipment in good condition and up-to-date. Clean equipment helps to keep your restaurant clean and free from potential health risks.

5.Use Proper Cleaning Solutions

When cleaning your restaurant, the right supplies are essential. Use the right products for each surface. For example, clean ovens with baking soda and water paste or a designated oven cleaner. Remove grease with degreasing detergent, and sanitize surfaces with bleach or bleached-based products.

Ensuring your restaurant is clean and safe should be a top priority. With the right plan in place, you can ensure your restaurant maintains a high level of cleanliness and hygiene. Do you need help keeping your restaurant up to proper sanitation levels? If so, contact the professionals at ServSafe. We provide training and certification to help you stay compliant with restaurant industry food safety guidelines.

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