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NFSM 2023 – It’s All Part of the Master (Cleaning) Plan

From Squeaky Clean to Safety Seen

NFSM Week 2 – It’s All Part of the Master (Cleaning) Plan

Cleaning is typically not something we look forward to. However, it is a critical part of food safety in a food service establishment. Unclean facilities could lead to pest infestation, pathogen growth, and foodborne illnesses.  As a food manager, it is your responsibility to ensure your establishment maintains a clean and safe environment. Creating a systematic, detailed cleaning plan is the key to success.

The Plan

Your master plan should address:

What Should be Cleaned – Make a list of all cleaning jobs in one area, or a list of jobs in the order of which they should be performed.  This should include both food and nonfood surfaces.
Who Should Clean It – Tasks should be assigned to specific individuals.
When It Should be Cleaned – Clean and sanitize as needed.  Major cleaning should be scheduled when food will not be contaminated, or service will not be affected.  When scheduling shifts, make sure to allow enough time to complete cleaning tasks.
How is Should be Cleaned – Provide clear, written procedures for cleaning, listing tools and chemicals necessary by name.  Post instructions near the item to be cleaned.  Follow manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning equipment.

The Training

Schedule time to train staff in small groups.  Conduct training by the area, demonstrating the correct procedures.

The Observation

As the food manager, it is your responsibility to monitor staff to ensure the cleaning program is working effectively.

  • Supervise daily cleaning routines.
  • Use the master schedule to check all cleaning tasks daily.
  • Make any changes to master schedule as needed.
  • Ask staff during meetings for feedback on the program.


Implementing a systemized plan as part of your cleaning program not only allows your staff to work together, but also leads to confidence in your guests who see that their safety is your number one priority. Let TSC Associates help you gain the knowledge necessary to develop an effective cleaning program as a Food Manager.  Contact us today about our ServSafe Food Manager or Food Handler Certification classes!

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