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The Importance of the Georgia Restaurant Association

The NRA (National Restaurant Association) certifies the GRA (Georgia Restaurant Association) as Georgia’s only non-profit organization in the foodservice industry. The association helps make Georgia a better place for restaurants to operate. It also helps make restaurants safer for people in Georgia by lobbying for restaurant managers to have ServSafe certification, which teaches food and beverage safety training. According to the World Health Organization, over 200 different diseases spread through food. Hence why food and beverage safety training is essential. So what else makes the Georgia Restaurant Association important?

Keeps Georgia Restaurants Updated On Current News and Trends

The GRA can conduct industry research relevant to Georgia restaurants. This helps members stay updated on the latest news and trends and implement them.

Lobbying on Behalf of Georgia Restaurants

The GRA is the voice of all Georgia restaurants regarding legislative issues affecting the food and beverage service industry. What does this mean? It provides representation to Georgia restaurants regarding matters directly affecting them. For instance, it can:

  • Eliminate policy that may be damaging to the restaurant industry before it becomes law
  • Work with the government to establish the most favorable restaurant policies
  • Represent restaurants at the state level regarding relevant issues such as dietary disclosure laws, employee benefits, and immigration restructuring.

NRA (National Restaurant Association) Membership Options

Like most state restaurant associations, the GRA offers members complimentary NRA membership. The NRA provides food and beverage industry professionals with quality resources such as marketing, ServSafe training (food and beverage safety certification), etc. The NRA also lobbies for industry-friendly federal laws.

Offers Georgia Restaurant Group Buying Power

The GRA can negotiate discounts to help member restaurants minimize operation costs that they would typically need to pay. The GRA can negotiate deals for a few things listed below.

  • Credit card processing fees
  • Liability insurance
  • Payroll service rates

Training and Development

The GRA offers several training programs for free or at subsidized rates. The training helps restaurant owners keep their workplaces compliant with state health and safety codes. Some resources the GRA offers include:

  • Access to networking opportunities for restaurant owners and staff.
  • Food and beverage safety training, such as ServSafe, and OSHA regulations, otherwise known as worker safety regulations.

The Georgia Restaurant Association offers its members many benefits. So if you’re a restaurant owner in a city like Georgia, consider joining this association.

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