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Alabama Association – Why it Is Important

The Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Association is the industry’s premier business association, representing various restaurant and food service outlets. The mission of this organization is to assist its members by developing and protecting the restaurant and hospitality service sector in Alabama. The many reasons why a functioning and effective hospitality and restaurant association is important are examined below.

Training and Certification of Outlets

The Alabama Restaurant Association gives its members educational tools to recruit and build a well-educated and robust workforce through good food safety practices and health information. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, handwashing is one of the best ways to stay protected from getting sick. There are many important food safety and health information training programs available for people who want to work in the hospitality business. These initiatives help to guarantee that everyone in the workforce has the knowledge to serve meals and provide hospitality safely. The association also assists restaurant owners in knowing how to create a secure and harassment-free workplace. Members of ARHA even receive a discount on ServSafe Training!

Lobbying on Behalf of Members

The Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Association, as a state restaurant association, works on behalf of its members on legislative issues affecting the food and hospitality service industry. This part of membership is vital because it gives you a voice on problems that directly affect your business. One of the specific benefits is partnering with government affairs teams to implement the fairest policies affecting your business. The association also defends the restaurant business against unjust levies.

Industry News, Alerts, and Research

The Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Association offers relevant industry research that relates to your company. This can assist you in remaining up to date on the newest news and trends so that you can incorporate them into your business. This might range from introducing a gluten-free option to your menu to restructuring your company to comply with new healthcare standards. The association assists its members in identifying emerging food service industry trends.

Dual Membership With the National Restaurant Association

The Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Association also provides free National Restaurant Association membership. The NRA offers quality resources to food service and hospitality workers, such as an annual industry forecast, marketing tools, and training materials. They also push for national policies that benefit the sector.

Hospitality and restaurant outlets in Alabama are better off as members of the Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Association since they stand to benefit from representation, food safety tips and regulations, and industry research. Become a member today!

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