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What is ServSafe Certification, and What Can it Do for My Business?

Approximately 600 million people (almost one in 10 worldwide), fall ill after eating contaminated food each year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In the foodservice and hospitality industry, one of the best ways to prevent your customers from becoming ill is to invest in safe serve certification. Safe serve certification provides training for both managers and staff in order to educate and inform about food safety protocols, responsible handling of alcohol, and more. Below are some examples of ServSafe training courses.

ServSafe Manager Certification

As a food service establishment your primary goal is to provide a safe environment for both your customers and employees. Awareness of food safety protocols is a great place to start, and this training should always include management. Management sets an example for the staff, and their behavior is an important influence in promoting food safety in the workplace. Safe serve manager certification through a registered ServSafe proctor provides the necessary training and information for all your management staff.

Staff Food Handlers Training

Your staff is the face of your business. They are also the primary food handlers and should be responsible for following and adhering to food safety protocols. Safe serve certification provides your staff with the necessary training in the following categories: basic food safety, personal hygiene, cross-contamination, cleanliness and sanitation, and more. Contact registered ServSafe associates in your area today to schedule training with a registered ServSafe proctor.

ServSafe Alcohol Training

ServSafe training is not just about food safety; it can also include alcohol training courses to educate staff about serving alcohol responsibly. Serving alcohol in your establishment can turn into a liability if your management and staff do not receive ServSafe alcohol training. While this training is not required in most states, ServSafe Alcohol Vendor Training can help inform your staff about handling alcohol safely. Areas of training include education about state law and civil/criminal liability, information about alcohol and its effects on the body, how to check/verify customer identification, and how to discontinue service and handle difficult situations with intoxicated patrons.

As a food service establishment, you want to provide your customers with an enjoyable, memorable, and most importantly, safe experience when they visit. The best way to protect your management, staff, and customers are to invest in ServSafe training. Get the facts today by searching ‘ServSafe certification Virginia’ to learn more about how your business can benefit from this valuable training.

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