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Food Safety Protocols and Food Handler Training FAQ

The purpose of food safety protocols and food safety certification is to ensure employees in food service are educated about the fundamentals of food safety. This training focuses on safe behaviors, sanitization, and personal hygiene to prevent the spreading of foodborne illness and contamination of food. Review these FAQs about food safety and food handling.

Why Do I Need Food Safety Certification?

Each state has its own variation on the laws that govern food safety. In 2011, the Food Safety Modernization Act was clear that businesses must prove their staff has food handling training. If a company has problems with foodborne illnesses, there are high penalties as a result.

Does It Need To Be An Accredited Food Handler Training Course?

There are six states, California, Texas, Illinois, Arizona, West Virginia, New Mexico, that require the food safety certification is accredited by ANSI. In the rest of the states, the training does not need to be accredited. Local health officers want you to have the training that matches the laws and understand the reasons for food safety. They also want to ensure that you are applying those methods and practices to your work.

What Will I Learn From Food Handler Training?

Food safety certification teaches the foundation and principles of food sanitation and safety in any setting that sells food. These settings can include the hospitality and foodservice industries. For example, during the food handler training course, students learn basic food safety, personal hygiene, cross-contamination, and allergens. They also learn about cleaning and sanitation, time, and temperature, like the fact that a freezer must be kept at 18 degrees Celsius or below.

Do I Have To Take An Exam?

Yes, you will have to complete and pass the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe Food Handler exam. To pass the exam, students must have a minimum of 75% to get the ServSafe Food Handler Certificate of Achievement.

Food safety certification is ideal for anyone in the foodservice industry, from bartenders to food managers. These training classes teach students the standards and fundamentals to keep the server and the business from the risk of selling and serving food and alcohol that has been mixed or cross-contaminated. Learn more about receiving your food certification at ServSafe.

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