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How Safe Is It to Order Takeout Right Now?

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Many infectious disease experts and doctors confirm that it is safe to take out food at restaurants during this time. There is little evidence that viruses are contracted through food or food packaging. Your restaurant may want to take more safety precautions with customers and train your employees with ServSafe certification and training. They train employees on how to manage food safety. ServSafe is one of the most recognized food safety programs run by the National Restaurant Association.

What Does ServSafe Teach Food Employees?

Their course will teach employees how to manage food safely and cook all items thoroughly to the correct temperature using a thermometer. It will teach them to wear gloves and masks when handling food and keep the cold food cold and the hot food hot. They will learn about how food gets contaminated and how to prepare and pack it for delivery or customer pickup.

Students in this course learn about foodborne illnesses and how to prevent them using safety precautions. Cleaning equipment and counters is an important part of the training. Your employees will learn how to receive food, store it, and handle it properly for safety. Most food thermometers have accurate readings within two to four degrees Fahrenheit.

Employees will learn how to wear gloves, masks, and hairnets. Your restaurant will learn how to protect customers and employees by using social distancing techniques. Some customers will pay cash when picking up food. It is recommended you have hand sanitizer readily available, or your employee must wash their hands after payment.

When customers dine at your restaurant, there should be several feet between tables. Your employees should wear masks for safety purposes. ServSafe trained food employees will let your customers know you care about food safety.

Tips for Customers Picking Up Food

Order food for pickup at a local restaurant a short drive away from your home. It is recommended you pay with a debit or credit card. Keep a distance from other customers and go home directly after picking up the order. Wash your hands and remove the food from the containers. If the food is not hot enough, heat it in the oven. Put the leftovers in the refrigerator after you eat in clean containers you have at home.

Contact ServSafe to learn more about training your employees on safe food handling and packing during these trying times. Trained food servers will give your customers peace of mind and help your business succeed.

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