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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Restaurant Industry

Even now as you safely reopen your restaurant amid Covid-19, the pandemic will continue to have a lasting impact on the restaurant industry. New regulations and supply chain issues have and will continue to shape what it means to run a restaurant. Let’s take a look at this impact.

Health and Safety

Although food and health information has always been an integral part of running a restaurant, it is now more than ever. In addition to implementing the health standards as explained in ServSafe training, there are now rules about limiting the number of people inside of restaurants and seating them at every other table. While these rules are expected to go away once the pandemic is over, they will certainly change the way we view safety. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 600 million fall ill after eating contaminated food each year. Hopefully, with this new viewpoint on safety, that number can be minimized in the future.

Economy and Supply Chain

As you safely reopen your restaurant amid Covid-19, you may find it difficult to secure the ingredients and supplies you need, forcing you to offer only a limited menu. The pandemic has drastically impacted the supply chain, making it take much longer for products to be handled and shipped. Some products have also fluctuated in value with certain foods now costing much more than they used to. Things should settle down over time; however, the way restaurants are run may never be the same as a result.

Servers and Help

Another thing that may be difficult to come by as a result of the pandemic is servers. Many people are deciding not to go back to work even when their old job opens back up once lockdowns in their area are over. It is difficult to find help and restaurants may need to limit their hours or plan to deal with a demand they potentially cannot handle. Additionally, people who relied on delivery services during lockdowns are now enjoying the convenience that comes with such a service, and so it may be in your best interest to offer delivery services if you don’t already.

The pandemic has put a strain on restaurants, but now that you can safely reopen your restaurant amid Covid-19, you may find other challenges. By learning and adapting, you’ll be able to weather these impacts and even find ways to benefit from them.

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