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The Importance of the National Restaurant Association

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The National Restaurant Association was founded in 1919. It is the leading business association in the restaurant industry, and it comprises 1 million restaurant and food service outlets. The purpose of this association is to serve its members by advancing and protecting America’s restaurant and food service industry. The goals include building industry influence, building the industry’s image, and building industry engagement. Here are some of the duties of this association.

The Training and Certification of Staff

This is one of the most important roles played by the national restaurant association. This organization provides educational resources to enable its members to attract and grow an educated and strong workforce with proper food & health information. There are many food & health information training programs that are available for the various individuals intending to work in the hospitality industry. These programs help to ensure that everyone in the workforce has the tools to serve food and alcohol safely. Apart from that, they also help restaurant owners create a safe and harassment-free workplace.

Continued Professional Development

Apart from offering initial training for people looking to join the workforce, the association also equips college students with key competencies, including advanced food & health information. For instance, those who would have trained to become restaurant managers can be given tools to advance their careers further. After all, the industry is always changing, so relying on initial education alone will not be enough.

Dealing With Sexual Harrasment

Sexual harassment is one of the issues that are problematic in the restaurant business. Studies show that about 90% of women and 70% of men who work in the food industry have suffered some form of sexual harassment. The National Restaurant Association strongly condemns sexual harassment and has put in place measures to ensure that it doesn’t happen. It does not matter if the harassment is coming from a customer, a coworker, or a manager; there are strong measures in place to ensure that it must not happen. One of the initiatives taken by the National Restaurant Association to fight sexual harassment is to offer improved training programs for our members. These trainings are aimed at teaching members and workers how to prevent and respond to this behavior in the workplace.

These are some of the duties of the National Restaurant Association. The goal of this association is to improve standards in the industry and ensure that restaurants are run properly without issues like sexual harassment. According to the association, the creation of a safe and enjoyable environment for employees and customers is not just a responsibility, but it’s a necessity.

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