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What to Know About FDA Food Safety Citations

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The FDA, or Food and Drug Administration, is an important government body that helps to govern the safety and the overall effectiveness of the food, drugs, and other items that are meant for human consumption. This body works to ensure that the things that we are consuming are safe to do so. Here’s what to know about it.

What Is an FDA Citation?

The FDA regularly conducts inspections and investigations to determine if drugs and other products are safe for consumption. When these drugs or other items are found to be unsafe, the FDA can issue a citation that states what was wrong and why the particular investigator found it necessary to issue the citation.

There are citations for a huge range of different things, including those citations that have to do with the way that food is served and how it is stored. When storing food and serving it, the most crucial time is the first two hours as the food cools down because this is when the temperature changes support the most microorganism growth. There are tons of different training programs available to help servers learn more tips like this one. Learning how to properly handle food also helps to avoid citations. Servsafe training is just one such program.

Why Are FDA Citations Important?

These citations are important for a few different reasons. The first is that they help the public know when certain standards have been violated and when food is unsafe to consume. If you or your team has gone through Servsafe training, then you have likely learned what temperatures to serve and store food at for optimum safety. Working hard to avoid citations will result in a safe population.

Food safety is so important and training covers a lot of information. Making sure that the foods that are being served and consumed are safe, that they have been cooked and stored at the right temperature, and that there are no issues are crucial. With the help of great training like the Servsafe training, you can learn just what temps are safe for which foods. Microorganism growth can lead to a ton of problems, from pain and gastrointestinal issues to illness that may lead to hospitalization and worse.

Taking food safety seriously can make such a huge difference. The right food safety tactics are going to help you ensure your food is safe to eat, safe to serve, and that there are no issues to worry about. Food safety is a must, both to avoid citations and ensure the health of the public.

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