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People At High Risk of Food Poisoning

If you work in a business that involves food preparation, it is critical to earning a food safety certification to avoid the risk of food poisoning. While food poisoning may not be a big deal to some, unsafe foods can cause a severe reaction in others who are more susceptible to illness. Some groups at high risk of serious reactions to food poisoning are discussed below.


While anybody can experience food poisoning if contaminated food is eaten, some groups are at a higher risk due to compromised immune systems or preexisting conditions. A small food poisoning case may cause minor reactions in the average person and may trigger serious poisoning symptoms in different groups and individuals, such as:

Young Children

Children younger than five years may have a hard time controlling their impulses and could eat food that hasn’t been properly cleaned or prepared. Their immune system may also react poorly to food poisoning and cause serious reactions that could be problematic.

Senior Citizens

Older adults (65+) may be at a higher risk for food poisoning due to weaker immune systems and other health concerns. They may also poorly prepare their food or eat regularly at restaurants, which is where food poisoning is typically at its highest.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women may experience severe food poisoning symptoms that may even affect their developing child. This issue can be minimized in a hospital and other settings by obtaining the proper training and earning a food safety certification.

Other people who may be at risk for more serious symptoms include people with illnesses or those undergoing medical treatment that compromise their immune systems. Earning a food safety certification can help avoid this problem by learning how to prevent contact with contaminated foods.

As you can see, it is important to get Servsafe Food Safety Certification to minimize these risks. If you work in a restaurant, hospital, military base or any retail food establishment where food is served, it is critical to ensure that you have the proper training to prevent food poisoning, as the reaction could be critical for some. For more information on ServSafe Food Safety Certification, give us a call today.

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